Кожаная отделка

Стена с 3D-эффектом из МДФ или других технически более сложных материалов, обрабатывается при помощи станков с числовым программным управлением, которые могут вырезать различные виды рисунков. Затем поверхность покрывается мягкой на ощупь кожей.


Coral is a unique creation of fascinating beauty, with a modern and innovative design. Thanks to its innovative features, the leather wall enters the space with a three-dimensional movement: combining with the environment or being a protagonist of it. The unique and elegant pattern makes Coral an amazing creation with an exclusive look that fits perfectly with the luxury interior design. The innovative 3D technology goes together with handcraft mastery that supervises and customizes the process, according to the client’s needs for a strong successful result.

Creating "soft walls": it's a longing that may seem a little crazy, but we satisfied it thanks to the blend of our craftsmanship and special technology that gave three-dimensional space to a surface normally seen as flat.This "softness" is then decorated using the most varied styles, from extremely traditional to extremely modern, according to the client's requests.

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